[Report] Summer Institute 2023 Day 1

EAA UTokyo-PKU summer institute 2023 began on September 3rd, with nine students from the University of Tokyo and twelve students from Peking University participating. Professor Sun Feiyu from Peking University, Professor Ishii Tsuyoshi, Professor Yanagi Mikiyasu, Professor Hoshino Futoshi, and Professor Wang Qin from the University of Tokyo joined as faculty instructors.

The opening ceremony in the morning was held at Yuanpei College, Peking University. Professor Ishii Tsuyoshi and Professor Sun Feiyu delivered their greetings and announced the beginning of the Summer Institute.

Following the opening ceremony, campus tours were guided by Peking University students. After lunch, students from two universities made their field trip to the Great Wall.

Over three years after the outbreak of the Pandemic, it was a precious opportunity for UTokyo students to visit Peking University again and encounter new friends here. We truly appreciate the warm welcome and hospitality from the faculty, staff, and students at Peking University, as well as the precious time we spent together on this early autumn day.


Reported by Jia Li (EAA Research Assistant)
Photographed by Yi You (Peking University student), Yilin Luo (Peking University student), and Jia Li (EAA Research Assistant)