Educational Philosophy

EAA strives to foster students’ intellectual imagination, with the aim of preparing them for ‘the world in 30 years’. Our goal is not to predict how the world will be in 30 years, but to encourage students to actively learn and to train their intellect such that each can have and express ‘hope (nozomi)’ for the future ahead.

We are at present facing unprecedented, multiple crises, among which the COVID-19 pandemic is only one. To ignite the flame of hope in the face of crisis, we rely on the imaginative faculty and the power of language — capacities that can be developed through concentrated study.

By cultivating a common ground of study through readings of classical texts, the ‘East Asian Liberal Arts’ offer students an opportunity for substantial discussions and learning exchange. Drawing on an international and multi-lingual environment, EAA invites highly-motivated students of varied perspectives and solid linguistic skills, to join our community, build, and share the hope of study together.