EAA YOUTH is a group for undergraduate students (third- and fourth-year undergraduates) and postgraduate students run by the East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts (EAA). Students who are members of the EAA YOUTH attend classes offered at the EAA, participate in academic activities outside the program, and are actively involved in constructing the new study that the EAA aims for.

Every year, the EAA calls for applications to select members of the EAA YOUTH. Third- and fourth-year undergraduates (incl. second year ‘naiteisei’ students) selected will take ‘East Asian Liberal Arts’ (a joint program offered at the College of Arts and Sciences). Postgraduate students chosen as members will act as teaching assistants for undergraduate modules and will also assist research and education activities at the EAA.

The EAA prioritizes the EAA YOUTH members who wish to participate in the following programs and activities hosted by the EAA:

  1. Exchange programs at partner universities and research institutions under international exchange agreements arranged by the EAA
  2. Short exchange programs offered at the EAA, including the EAA Summer Institute, which are co-hosted with other universities and research institutions
  3. Other activities including international exchange activities and field trips hosted by the EAA

The EAA also provides its YOUTH members with all publications published at the EAA. In addition to the above advantages, we also encourage and assist members to actively organize and run research activities.

If you are a third- or fourth-year student who wishes to apply to be selected as a YOUTH member, please register your interest by filling in the pre-registration form below. We will inform you by email when applications are open. 

Pre-registration form
*Please note that pre-registers are also required to complete a full application form once it is open.

If you have any questions about the EAA YOUTH or experience any difficulties registering, please contact the EAA office (info[at]eaa.c.u-tokyo.ac.jp).

For research assistant positions available for postgraduate students, please refer to the application details which will be posted in News.