EAA YOUTH(East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts )
Call for Applications (AY2022)

As a joint program between the University of Tokyo and Peking University, the East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts (EAA), with its appeal of “East Asian Studies as Liberal Arts,” aims to give rise to new types of scholarship that engage with issues concerning the world and humanity from the standpoint of East Asia.
In the academic year of 2020, as the senior-division curriculum, the newly established cross-disciplinary “Trilingual East Asian Studies Program” recruited its students and held various academic events.
Hereby we start recruiting the program students for the academic year of 2022 according to the following guidance. We are looking forward to the application of students who are willing to create new liberal arts with us from the standpoint of East Asia.

  1. Characteristics of the Cross-disciplinary “Trilingual East Asian Studies Program”
    1. Seminar Courses of Close Reading and Discussion
    Through close and thorough readings of classic texts, the students will learn the fundamentals of “East Asian Studies as Liberal Arts.”
    2. Summer and Winter Academic Training Programs in Tokyo/Beijing
    Students in the program from the University of Tokyo and Peking University will be able to participate in summer and winter institutes, in which they communicate ideas and study together. EAA will cover the relevant expenditure.
    3. Short-term Study Abroad in Peking University
    In accord with the exchange program (free of tuition and with exchange of credits) between EAA-UTokyo and EAA-PKU, EAA will provide fellowships, including round-trip flight tickets for students studying abroad.
    4. International Internship Dispatch
    With the support of the private sector, the students will have access to international internships.
    5. Practice of Trilingual Skills
    As the new senior-division curriculum of TLP, trilingual education will be held in English, Chinese, and Japanese.
    * While the courses provided by “Trilingual East Asian Studies Program” are open to all senior-division students, the recruited students will have priority to participate in the events held by the program. Besides, they will be able to directly engage in frontier academic studies carried out at EAA. (For more details about these events and studies, check the EAA website.)
  2. Requirements for Registration and Completion
    Regardless of prior admission to the College of Liberal Arts, all students enrolled in the senior- division curriculum are qualified to register through selection. A certificate of completion will be offered after the students obtain the required program credits.
  3. Recruitment Numbers: 10
  4. Eligibility of Application
    The applicant’s required language levels should be, respectively, IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL iBT 100 for English, HSK Level 5 for Chinese, and N1 for Japanese. Moreover, the applicant must meet at least one of the following requirements:
    1. Planning to enroll in the senior-division in S semester in the academic year of 2022.
    2. Belonging to the senior-division curriculum of PEAK in A semester in the academic year of 2022.
  5. Application Form and Deadline
    Entry Form(EAA YOUTH)
    9:00a.m. on January 24th, 2022
    *If you do not receive a message after entry, please contact us at the following address.
  6. Selection
    After the screening of the application, an interview will be requested by EAA faculty at the end of January.  
  7. EAA Information Session
    Dates: January 5th (Wed), 7th (Fri), 13th (Thu), 14th (Fri), 17th (Mon)
    Time: Lunch break (12:15-13:00)
    Location: You can join us virtually on Zoom or in-person at Seminar Room, Bldg. 101, Komaba Campus.
    To join this event, please visit here. *You can only use UTokyo’s account.
  8. Contact: riewatanabe [at] Please replace [at] with (@)