Valuing Air Project

Since a university-corporate relations agreement was signed with Daikin Industries, Ltd. in December 2018, the University of Tokyo has fostered comprehensive joint research and personnel exchanges. This institutional and comprehensive collaboration promotes a wide variety of interdisciplinary research, ranging from technologies related to air use to the challenges and possibilities of air, with the aim of contributing to the creation of an inclusive and sustainable future society. The synergistic effect created by the fusion of academic and practical knowledge that the University of Tokyo and Daikin have cultivated for many years has successfully led to a range of creative attempts and discoveries, such as the project of “valuing air.” The East Asian Academy for New Liberal Arts (EAA), established under the above-mentioned agreement, contributes to this dynamic partnership for the creation of a future society through the practice of new liberal arts from East Asia. EAA’s active engagement in “valuing air” is aimed at encouraging and strategically reforming academia, which is expected to function as a powerful place for people with various background to meet, develop their knowledge each other, and create new philosophies. As a platform for open dialogue, EAA promotes discussions based on fundamental questions such as the value and meaning of air, the relationship between air and people, society, and all creations, and the essence of valuing itself.

Latest Activities
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