Configurations of the Individual in Modern Chinese Literature

Configurations of the Individual in Modern Chinese Literature

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About this book

This book aims to demonstrate the multiplicity of configurations of the individual in modern Chinese literature through analyzing several classic texts written by Zhou Zuoren, Lu Xun, Lao She, and Mu Shiying. It attempts to refresh our understanding of the history of modern Chinese literature and indirectly responds to the controversial issue of “individual rights” (or “human rights”) in present-day China, showing that in modern Chinese literature, various configurations of the individual imply political possibilities that are not only irreconcilable with each other, but irreducible to the determination of the modern discourse of “individualism” introduced by the West. A groundbreaking work, it will give valuable context to political scientists and other scholars seeking to understand what “China” means in the 21st century.


Table of contents

Introduction: Translating the Individual—Why Literature Matters

Literary Evolutionism and Its Discontents: Between Zhou Zuoren and Lu Xun

Individuality Contra “Homo Economicus”: A Reading of Lao She’s Camel-Xiangzi

Touch, Body, and the New Perceptionism: Mu Shiying’s Case

Lu Xun’s “Ah Jin” and the Politics of Exemplarity