[Report]2022 EAA UTokyo-PKU Summer Institute “Education and Innovation”

On August 22nd and 23rd, the 2022 EAA UTokyo-PKU Summer Institute “Education and Innovation” was held via Zoom. After an ice-breaking session including self-introductions of all participants on the morning of the first day, we had two lectures in the afternoon: Prof. WANG Liping (Peking University) gave a lecture about John Dewey’s educational philosophy and Prof. TANG Keyang (Tsinghua University) about the experiencepace designing. Since the details of our two-day session will be published as a booklet later next year, I would just like to remark that such a joint opportunity was realized again this year by making full use of each remote learning experience.Furthermore, student group presentations were diligently constructed and well performed despite only a half-day preparation. The discussion time was too limited, but what students acquired and evolved under this unusual COVID-19 situation was reflected in their performance. Wishing we can come together sometime soon on a real campus, I offer my appreciation to all the staff who devoted their time and energy to bring about this session.


Reported by Hanako Takayama (EAA Project Assistant Professor)