Fourth graduating class
  • TANI Shiori

    In the EAA program, we can always enjoy challenging experiences. EAA provides students with a lot of courses and activities using Japanese, Chinese and English, one of which is the core course of this program “East Asia Liberal Arts.”

    In university life, we can easily put ourselves in easy circumstances which put less stress but are less meaningful instead. To be sure, these courses and activities are sometimes not easy, but they can stimulate and motivate us to learn more and to be better. Since most of my one-and-a-half year after entering university was spent to the study for the bar exam, only when taking courses in EAA did I start learning philosophy and literature. The questions posed in EAA courses are difficult and do not have specific answers, but we can think freely and unlimitedly, which is totally different from what I had ever studied. EAA students and professors accept diverse opinions. We can enjoy the experience of thinking independently, not just memorizing, or making ourselves reach some supposed answers.

    The members of EAA are from various majors and study fields, so we can share the experiences or perspectives which are different from our own. Since I usually spend most time in university with students in the same major, who have relatively similar interests and backgrounds to mine, my mind may be easily fixed solidly according to what other students think. Communicating with EAA members helps to free my mind from being fixed and narrow.

    Now, I am studying at Pecking University as an EAA exchange student. Generally, exchange students in PKU are supposed to live in dormitories for exchange students only, but the EAA exchange program provides students with dormitories where they can live with local Chinese students. Living with local people deepened and clarified my understanding of China.

    Supported by a lot of EAA members, I got a great experience in this program. What I learn in EAA will also be a great advantage in my academic life after graduation.